Seldom Said

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Like fairies

I see them from the corner
Of my mind's impatient eye:
A host of glittering prizes
Full of promise and delight.

I could approach them crabwise,
Try to capture them by stealth,
But that would make them scatter,
Disappear without a trace

To leave me clutching feebly
At the tiny motes of light
That, whispering of wonders,
Are left glimm'ring in their wake.

Instead I'll sit here waiting,
Clinging fiercely to the hope
That one day I'll be granted
More: a glimpse of the sublime.

That, like a dainty fairy,
One will settle on my hand
And share with me its secrets,
Let my earthbound thoughts take flight.

Until then I'll watch their dance,
Enjoy my sense of wonder,
And toil with what rough tools I
Have on countless hopeful schemes.



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