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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Waiting game (part 2)

Once again I find myself in a limbo of anticipation, as Alice and I await the arrival of the temporarily-monikered "Mk II". It seems unlikely that readers of this blog (who aren't exactly numerous) won't already be aware of my impending second-time-around fatherhood, but just for the record: our daughter is due to be born tomorrow. And we're kind of hoping that she's the punctual sort.

So why the impatience? Well, given that this isn't all new to us this time, we'd probably have been fairly calm and collected at this point - if, that is, Alice hadn't been convinced that everything was kicking off two weeks ago. As a result we've been on tenterhooks ever since, torn between wanting things to jolly well get a move on and the contrasting desire (mostly on Alice's part) for the little blighter to hang on until September, so that she can be one of the oldest in her year at school, instead of one the youngest. Being born in August never did me any harm, but still...

This time around we've also had an additional factor to contend with: who's going to look after Iestyn when we rush off to hospital? Fortunately, Alice's parents have vey kindly stepped in to solve that particular problem, which means that they've been staying with us for the past two weeks - they live in South Wales, so we couldn't just summon them at a moment's notice.

From Iestyn's perspective, of course, it's been an added bonus to have his grandparents up to stay. For one thing, it meant that they were here for his birthday, as well as joining us (and my dad) for a trip to Chester Zoo the following Saturday. This was certainly a lot of fun, but I must confess I found it utterly exhausting: wrangling an adventurous two-year-old, a heavily pregnant wife and no fewer than three grandparents around a busy zoo, on a sunny Bank Holiday weekend during the school holidays is no picnic!

Anyway, as September is now very nearly upon us, Alice has announced that she's happy for Mk II to think about making her appearance. So with that (and a certain old wives' tale) in mind, we're going out for a curry tonight.

Wish us luck!

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