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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Humble beginnings

Ladybower reflection

Yesterday saw our first proper walk of the new year: an extended (19km) ramble in the Peak District along the rock-strewn heights of Derwent Edge and beside the Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs.

The weather forecast delivered on its promise of little wind, excellent visibility and no precipitation, but there was a distinct chill in the air neverthelless. The sun also had a hard time burning through the clouds, which meant that the otherwise magnificent views were rather dimly lit for most of the day. The sun was setting by the time we descended to the lake, colouring the clouds and illuminating the mirror-calm waters of Ladybower. Alice was feeling the cold by this stage, so I wasn't allowed to linger for too long over my photography, but I did manage to capture a few choice shots of the wonderful reflections, including the image above.

Just as we pulled out of the car park it started to drizzle. Immaculate timing, I thought.


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